5 Key Questions To Ask A Commercial Contractor

Whether you are looking for a shopping center contractor, someone to renovate an office building or another kind of commercial contractor, you need quality work done in a timely fashion at a good cost. By covering the 5 points below, you can help ensure that that is what happens.

  1. Ask About Estimated Costs

It’s important to find out whether the bid given is an estimate or a fixed price. A low estimate does not necessarily mean that that contractor will offer the lowest price in the end. Furthermore, a lower estimate can mean that the work is lower quality than what another contractor might offer. A higher estimate from one contractor can mean that the contractor is overpriced or that there is something that others are overlooking.

For these reasons and more, it is also important to make sure that the bid is itemized. If too many unknowns mean a fixed price is impossible, then you can try to do further investigation regarding the unknowns or add those costs on later if needed. Finally, there needs to be a discussion about the down payment and the payment schedule.

  1. Ask About the History of the Business

A business that is local and well established is a better bet than one that is in another town or just starting out. A contractor should come with solid recommendations that can be verified. It is best to check with both early and recent customers. Early customers can confirm the longevity of the business as well as the quality of the work over time while recent customers can say whether the same level of quality has been maintained. It is also important to ensure that the contractor has any necessary licenses to do the type of work required.

Finding out who the contractors use as suppliers can be another way of verifying the contractor’s good business. Suppliers will be able to provide more information about the contractor’s professional reputation.

  1. Ask About Personnel

Who will be supervising and how? Can you meet the supervisor? Will there be subcontractors? If so, how will the quality of subcontractors’ work be verified Commercial general contractors who provide bids may not work on site once work has begun, so you might ask a number of questions in this vein.

  1. Ask About Timelines

It is almost a truism of remodeling and construction work that things often take longer than expected. Keep in mind that weather, suppliers and other factors outside of the contractor’s’ control may affect the timeline, and it is better to work with a contractor who can give a realistic assessment than one who rushes through the job. A solid timeline that also allows time for cleanup at the end should be part of the contract.

  1. Ask About the Work Routine

You should find out what days the workers will be on site, how they will deal with change orders and whether they will be working on multiple projects at the same time or focusing on your site until the project is finished. You should also discuss ahead of time how you will communicate about changes or other concerns. If you want progress reports or to be kept abreast of progress in some other way; you should discuss that from the start.

It is worth keeping in mind that the fastest or cheapest contractor does not always mean the best choice. Doing quality work and obeying building regulations are critical factors. You also need a contractor that you feel comfortable communicating with throughout the process. The above questions are an important element in getting the work you need done at the right pace and price.